Monday, June 8, 2009

Lawson Group support Daily Mirror’s ‘Asbestos Timebomb’ campaign

Lawson Group is supporting the Daily Mirror’s ‘Asbestos Timebomb’ campaign, which has been launched by the national newspaper in order to highlight the deadly impact of asbestos related illnesses. The Mirror are calling for a £10 million pound national centre for asbestos diseases as part of their campaign.

Deaths from asbestos related diseases could reach at least 200,000, and the epidemic is not due to peak until 2025 – 10 years longer than feared. The UK has the highest mesothelioma rate in the world. While it is mostly men who are affected, it is the fastest growing cancer among women.

In the wake of this and other recent articles highlighting that problem could continue due to asbestos still being present in many schools and other public buildings, Lawson Group have launched Lawson Environmental, a branch of the group dedicated to safe and effective asbestos removal. Following receipt of HSE licence accreditation, Lawson Environmental will be able to carry out all aspects of assessment and removal of asbestos.

Martin Wilson, Director of Lawson Group Ltd explains “Many people think of asbestos as a problem of the past; however there are still many public buildings such as schools which contain a worrying level of asbestos. The NASUWT (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers) are campaigning to have all asbestos removed from schools by 2012, and we welcome this initiative. One of the reasons we have launched Lawson Environmental is a commitment to providing highly skilled and trained people that can help to combat this problem”.

For more information on the Daily Mirror’s ‘Asbestos Timebomb’ campaign, click here.