Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lawson Group support CECE crackdown on illegal equipment in Europe

Lawson Group Ltd are backing new efforts by the CECE (Committee for European Construction Equipment) to address the steady flow of non-conformant equipment (NCE) that continues to filter through into the European market through 3rd parties and auctions. As outlined by a recent article in Demolition and Recycling International Magazine, NCE, which is often manufactured by leading manufacturers for use in non-EU countries where legislation is not so stringent, poses a wide risk throughout many areas of the industry. NCE threatens legitimate manufacturers’ reputations, damages the environment and can even put the lives of workers at risk by not conforming to the necessary EU standards.

While NCE can often come onto the market at a ‘cheaper’ price than legitimate machinery, we are being warned not to be fooled by what can seem like a bargain. The price of purchasing NCE could be much higher than you think; workers can be exposed to illegal levels of noise, vibration and emissions, buyers will lose their security with their insurance company if the machine is found to be illegal, and you could find yourself in a seriously complicated legal situation should an accident occur.

The NCE is focusing on educating key groups such as contractors, dealers, and the banking and insurance community in the hope that by raising awareness of the safety and liability issues around NCE, it can be combated. Martin Wilson, Managing Director at Lawson Group Ltd commented “At Lawson Group, we are focused on ensuring any new equipment purchased is fully compliant and of exceptional environmental, health and safety standards. We welcome the push from the CECE to promote vigilance within the industry and hope that they are able to crack down on the influx of NCE in Europe”.

To download the article in the full issue of Demolition and Recycling International, click here