Monday, December 2, 2013

Under to spotlight

Lawson Group have been proud to show case our talents this month with several audits taking place at site and head office. Lawson Group ensures a site audit is carried out at least once on every project. This insures that the works are being performed to the highest standard and most importantly with the highest importance on safety.

With every notifiable asbestos project that is undertaken an external audit will be carried out with the aim to ensure all works are being carried out safely effectively and meeting all regulatory standards. Most recently an external audit at the former Richard Lander site in Truro has been conducted and passed with the result showing positive and encouraging comments.

Closer to home...

This month has given Lawson Group employees a lot to smile about. Not only have we been experiencing a large increase of successfully secured contracts. After travelling the distance to undertake the projects at the Former Richard Lander School in Truro, which is now reaching the closing stages, Lawson Demolition and Environmental operatives now have the chance to stay a little closer to home.

A new project has begun at the Station Road Business Centre in Kingswood, Bristol. The programme is set to run for 10 weeks with high level asbestos removal followed by extensive and highly controlled demolition. The Business Centre is currently empty and wasting potential space for organisations to operate within. The demolition of the designated units is to make way for new and modern office units which will give the site a working business buzz.

The building contains a significant amount of Amosite which must be removed under fully controlled and enclosed conditions post soft strip. Lawson Environmental has sent their team of highly qualified and trained asbestos operatives to complete the job. Work commence on site on the 18th November, keep an eye on the next few newsletters to follow our progress.

Celebrating Awards

As a long standing member of the NFDC Lawson Group would like to congratulate the NFDC for their success with two highly accredited awards this month.

The launch of the NFDC’s Demolition and Refurbishment Information Data Sheets (DRIDS) has been a huge success. We were delighted to hear that the DRIDS had not only been shortlisted for the Sustainability Construction and Demolition award, on the 7th November but were announced the winners. For more information please take a look at the NFDC online brochure at

This was not their only success this month; the Demolition Plant Simulators launched in partnership with Volvo and Oryx was shortlisted at the KHL World Demolition Summit for Safety and Training. The simulator was featured throughout the conference and delegates had the chance to take it for a test drive. The simulator created a strong buzz within the conference gathering global attention.

Lawson Group knows that the success that the NFDC have experienced this month will continue and grow. Lawson Demolition is proud to hold NFDC membership. As a member we continue to meet the stringent criteria of NFDC assessments and site audits. Lawson Group’s Managing Director Martin Wilson has been heavily involved in supporting the NFDC for a number of years and is currently Vice President at a National level.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Complete Package

Can anyone believe it’s almost December already? As the nights get darker early and morning lighter later the days feel shorter but there is no slowing down here at Lawson Group. With 4 new jobs on the horizon we are enjoying a busy lead up to Christmas. Lawson Groups asbestos division , Lawson Environmental, has seen a fantastic rise in projects over the last 6 months. By proudly holding an asbestos licence we are able to offer the complete package here at Lawson Group. This month Lawson Group once again saw the benefit of being able to offer both Demolition and Asbestos services within the same company. During the demolition works at one of our current sites our highly trained men, due to their experience in asbestos as well as demolition, were proactive when a material with asbestos properties was found on site. The material was kept in under controlled conditions and was sampled, tested and identified as Asbestos Insulation Board. The notifiable asbestos is one of the most harmful materials to remove from a building, but the task was undertaken in a quick and controlled manor so that programme was had only minimal alterations. If you require any further information about asbestos containing materials that you suspect you have seen please read all you need to know at or call Lawson Group on 01793 782000 for some free and friendly advice.