Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year kicks off with new project in Bedworth for Lawson Grop

Lawson Group were delighted to start the new year by taking on a complex and large scale project on behalf of Discovery Properties in Bedworth in Warwickshire.

The works, which are part of the redevelopment of the Tesco store, began in January with a number of peripheral properties being demolished initially. Neighbouring houses, a former car repairs workshop, as well a pub and a pet shop are being demolished over the next few weeks. Follwing this, Lawson Group's demolition team will strip out the old Tesco store before bringing in a fleet of demolition machinery to take the main structure down.

With the majority of the site still in use by the general public - not to mention the neigbouring roads and pathways - the demolition team have had to face the challenge of working within close proximity to the general public. The demolition of the store, which is located in a busy, central part of Bedworth, will require an exceptional level of health and safety planning, with careful attention to detail from Lawson Group's highly skilled and trained Project Manger and Demolition Operatives.

Martin Wilson, Director of Lawson Group commented: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Discovery Properties on this extensive demolition project. The scope of work required on such a varied and large site will be challenging, but we are confident that our team of qualified operatives will be able to exceed our Clients’ expectations in the work carried out. We look forward to completing this great project”.